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DireWolf Pack

Czechoslovakian Vlcak Kennel

"The pattern for Czechoslovakian Vlcak

is and remains the

great-grandfather of all dogs

- the wolf -

in the whole its beauty and strength, but also its adaptability and variability."

Československý vlčák
Ing . Karel Hartl, Jindřich Jedlička-

"Conquer the World"

"When Grandad Rosik said many years ago, that one of the goals of the Czechoslovakian Vlciak breed is to " conquer the world ", many giggled. But Grandads predictions were correct - where we breeders saw one hill, he saw over another seven - and we confirm today, that he was and is right! "

Quote of Jan Polony

History of Czechoslovakian Vlciak Breed

by  Peter Nevolný 

Viserian Lupi si Nasce


"We are so happy with our dog from the I litter. He just turned a year old, and is amazing. Awesome temperament, loves to play and work, and so handsome! Sharon was excellent (and very patient) through our breeder selection process, and has continued to be there since. Out of all the breeders we checked out, Weiber Hase was our only choice."

Scott Cathy Janello  /   December 26, 2014

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